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Whoodle Puppies in Midland Texas

Rachel's Poodles Whoodles - Whoodles, Breeder, Whoodle Puppies

Rachel's Poodles Whoodles is a Whoodle breeder located in Texas. Rachel is dedicated to providing beautiful, healthy puppies! More

Texas Whoodles Breeder

Whoodles coat types range from straight, loose wave/shaggy to curly. Both Wheaten Terriers and Poodles are low to non-shedding; therefore most Whoodles do not shed. Whoodles are usually an excellent choice for people with allergies. Our Mini Whoodles typically mature to be 25-30 pounds. Whoodles come in a variety of colors and markings. More

6 Best Whoodle Breeders in the U.S.! (2021) We Love Doodles

Texas Whoodles If you live in the southern states and are looking for the right Whoodle puppy for you then you may be able to find your forever furry friend at Texas Whoodles. They are dedicated to breeding Whoodle puppies that are healthy and well-balanced. More

Poodles for Sale in Midland, TX - AKC Poodle Puppies

Dog Classifieds » Poodles » TX » Poodle in Midland 79701 Poodles in Midland, TX Prices and locations of the Poodles for sale near Midland, TX, including AKC Poodle puppies and adult dogs. More

Lesha's Whoodles - Whoodles, Breeder, Puppies

My whoodles make an excellent addition to any home. ... I have been a hobby breeder for 10+ years. Our focus is having happy, healthy puppies that are socialized with children and other pets, making sure each puppy has a smooth transition from our home to yours! More

My Whoodle - Miniature Whoodle Breeder

Whoodles are hypoallergenic and are considered non-shedding. Whoodles make for amazing service dogs due to their high I.Q. and astonishing reasoning ability, which also makes them very easy to train. Your Whoodle puppy can be easily trained to proficiently obey all basic obedience commands by just 12 weeks of age! We can help you accomplish this. More

Whoodle Puppies For Sale - Feathers and Fleece Farm

The Mini Whoodle Miniature Whoodle puppies are 1900.00. The mini Whoodle puppy is the result of the mating of the Miniature Poodle to the Wheaten Terrier. The result is a compact and strong dog that is around 18 inches in height and approximately 35-40 pounds. More

Whoodle Puppies for Sale from Reputable Dog Breeders

Review how much Whoodle puppies for sale sell for below. The current median price for all Whoodles sold is $1,875.00. This is the price you can expect to budget for a Whoodle with papers but without breeding rights nor show quality. Expect to pay less for a puppy without papers, however, we do not recommend buying a puppy without papers. More

Whoodles - Celebrity Pups

Here at Celebrity Pups, we offer Whoodles in two sizes: The Standard Whoodle, which is a Standard Poodle/Wheaten Terrier cross. The Mini Whoodle, which is a Miniature Poodle/Wheaten Terrier cross. The Standard Whoodle is a medium size dog, typically weighing between 35-45 lbs. The Mini Whoodles typically ranges from 18-20 lbs when grown. More